New Logo of Yihan

It has been a while since last time I updated my website. In this very moment, where I’m in the middle area of my life, my career, and my true interests, I need something to refresh my mind. I’ll start from having a new logo. That’s how it comes.

The idea was basically from my name “Yihan”, and specifically, from one of the characters of my name – “Yi”. Here are its historical forms on Wiktionary. The character doesn’t really have a solid meaning. It comes with context. Normally, it is explained as “only” or “also” which indicates possibilities. I do like possibilities.



The logo then was created based on its character silhouette, and I tried some different directions. Some follow the “goat” metaphor, and some follow the historical forms. In the end, I got them mixed. I combined the letter “Y” and “i” into a “buddy-like” figure. I didn’t use solid and auto-generated lines since I’d like those lines to go as I draw them. The “water drop” outside of the “Yi” was to indicate the buddy is holding something big, even much bigger than herself – to show the power. And the background water drop will make this logo to be more compatible to be displayed on different media.